Sketchbook: pencil portrait

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In an attempt to keep my brain in gear and excited about making, I have made myself a sketchbook filled with quick prompts for drawings/doodles/illustrations/techniques/visual tomfoolery. Bits of it might appear here from time to time, but being both notoriously bad at keeping up with this whole blogging lark, and tremendously busy, who know.

Anyway, here is my face. And a scarf. And a ridiculous hat. Because it is freezing in our little house.


“nothing good gets away” – Steinbeck

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engagement ring


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Monoprint, photoshop. Doodle for a poster I’ve been helping out with.

needles, thread and inspiration

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Today I finished an embroidery project, felt all smug, and then looked at the work of Maricor/Maricar and felt completely inferior and completely inspired. Would you just look at this stitchery?!



bits and bobs

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Just a couple of speedy things to remind myself this blog exists! The first is for a wedding, and the second for a project I am currently running looking at character and narrative.

congrats square


Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 10.19.53


Happy Friday, all. May your weekends be blissful.


The people I love make beautiful things.

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Here is one of them:-

Love it too? You can download it from

Photographic loveliness

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Photographic loveliness