An introduction (and a selection of foxes)

November 29, 2010 § 4 Comments


Rather than bombard with words, I’m going to open this shiny new blog with some pictures. Here is a taste of the kinds of things my hands do.

Bits of paper:-

From left to right, you can see my obsession with textile prints in action, an illustration for a short story project I’ve been working on, and a doodle with ears from my personal sketchbook.

Bits of cloth:-

From left to right are: another fox in second hand tweed and hand-made cashmere and merino felt (possibly the loveliest thing to touch in the world), a sort of self-portrait in paper, cotton, found buttons and hair, and the beginning of a collaborative project with my lovely friend and fellow illustrator Gina (go and see what her hands do here. Gorgeousness!)

Bits of metal:-

Another fox, made in sterling silver. He was my first experience of drawing with a piercing saw instead of a pencil or a needle and thread, and I enjoyed the process a lot. There are three more silver foxes underway as part of a commission, so when they come back from being hallmarked there will be yet more foxy pictures. Possibly I should broaden my subject matter in the near future…

Anyway, enough ramble. Keep warm and happy, and pop back soon to see what I’m up to. Hugs and hot tea – Amy.


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