on an island

January 4, 2011 § 4 Comments

I saw in the new year on a small island with music from the Rough Island Band (find out more here, or do a bit of casual stalking here), lobster from the sea, and altogether too much face-paint.

Here are some bits of my sketchbook from a marvelous week:-

Above: a whistling kettle and a pair of whistle tunes (I love jigs and reels for their titles – the bottom one is called the eel in the sink)

Below: a quick sketch from a photograph of the Suffolk sinking in 1886, and some photographs of ancient granite windows and winter ocean.

And here are some drawings of a live lobster…
…and a dead duck (both of which were eaten and enjoyed – have to confess I do feel a bit uncomfy about killing anything, but I also think that if a person’s not prepared to acknowledge and appreciate where their food comes from then they probably don’t deserve to be eating it – so thanks, clawed and feathered deliciousnesses)

Finally, here are the Rough Island Band in action (complete with bagpipes!)

May your 2011s be happy and exciting. Take care x


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