a jumble of work in progress

January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been having fun recently sketching with a scalpel and some old book pages. I’m making artwork for The Random Family’s forthcoming album (drown yourself in delicate harmonies and a whole selection of stringed instruments here), and this is where I’m at with it at the moment. They are definitely sketches and not finished work (witness the scraggy stitching and incomplete lighthouse), but I like them anyway.

Other than thinking about boats and teaching myself basic origami (you can make your own little boat from these instructions. Apparently they really float, though I’ve yet to try mine out.), I’m also part-way through an art swap with my dear friend and photographer/graphic designer/bike mechanic/Amy’s-personal-Photoshop-support-service Steve Vaughan. He is printing me a photograph with lots of texture. I am trying to make him an illustration that involves woodland and landscape and a vague sense of magic. For inspiration I am re-reading Angela Carter’s short story The Erl-king, and looking at gorgeous illustrations by Vania Zouravliov.

And here are some speedy sketches and further inspiration in the form of photos (which I can’t take credit for. Thanks Joe.) from a Sunday afternoon ramble through north Wales…

And finally, I’ve been enjoying poems by Ted Hughes and Charles Bukowski (try this one and this one, perhaps), and this lovely blog belonging to Sarah Edmonds (who also runs the Shoe Tales project. Remember this?)  – which makes me want to try bookbinding.

Happy Thursday x


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