January 14, 2011 § 5 Comments

More evidence of my recent scalpel-happy approach to picture making, from my personal journal.

The words are from this poem by Louis MacNiece, which I love very much. The crayons I got for Christmas. I love them as well. Even if they do leave little bits of bark wherever I put them down.


§ 5 Responses to papercuts

  • asrai7 says:

    Wonderful journal entry! Very creative….have you ever read An Illustrated Life? I just finished it…it gave me HUGE inspiration for playing in sketchbooks. Nice work!

    • Amy says:

      I’ve not read that one; will see if I can find a copy (I love grown-ups’ picture books, so recommendations are always welcome). Thanks for the kind words, too. Have tried to have a look at your blog but the link isn’t working. Have you moved elsewhere?

      Amy x

  • andrew finnie says:

    wonderful work, lots of magic in making something 2d come out as 3d with that other dimension of transparency

    I recently saw a movie where a long japanese scroll had been cut in a similar way – in Japanese Hieroglyphs – it adds something tactile to the work

  • […] For various reasons (not least the singing man with whom I share my life), I’ve been listening to lots and lots and lots of Tom Waits over the last few days. I think I’ve mentioned the song Green Grass on here before – but regardless, it is a thing of dark and twisty beauty and it refuses to get out of my head, so I have made a picture using paints and pencil and these crayons. […]

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