books, tea, and colouring in

January 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since today is supposed to be a day of finishing unfinished jobs and tying up loose ends, I am devoting it mostly to procrastination. First in the worthy line-up of displacement activities comes Drawing This Love, providing me with an excuse to lie on the floor on my tummy surrounded by crayons (click the link if you fancy doing this too, and want to help contribute to an animated music video in the process).

Next is tea, tea, and yet more cups of tea.

Thirdly is twenty minutes of bookshelf browsing. One day, perhaps, I’ll have sufficient shelf-space for all the books that need it. At the moment, the bookcase is three layers deep in places, and the appropriate collective noun is definitely ‘chaos’ and not ‘library’. I’ve a longstanding love of bookshops that operate on this system, though, so perhaps the day when Bukowski is no longer pressed against Sufi mysticism (which in turn is squashed under vintage knitting instructions) will be a bit of a sad one.

And anyway, books are brilliant because you can do this with them:-

Have a good weekend x


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