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March 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

My creative space today is all about trying to build an illustration. Wire, glue, paper, leaves, stencils, rubber stamps, and the startling sharpness of brand new scalpel blades (ouch! There is a reason you should take care and go slow around sharp edges!) are part of it. So is cinnamon tea, and music from our friend Peter (I can’t find anywhere to link to – I’ll hassle him and try to post a link, because it’s beautiful). I am not going to show you the end result of my cutting and sticking and diorama-building, because so far, it is singularly disappointing. Back to the drawing board!

You can see a much more magical creative space here, and explore other people’s spaces here. The nosey parker in me can’t get enough!

And after looking at Aimee’s amazing quilt, I wish that my creative space was somewhere near the quilts in the American Folk Art Museum. Utterly inspiring and gorgeous!



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