illustration friday: duet

April 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

This one goes with Philip Larkin’s Talking In Bed, and these words from Anne Michaels’ What the Light Teaches:-

‘There are night in the forest of words

when I panic, every step into thicker darkness,

the only way out to write myself into a clearing,

which is silence.


Nights in the forest of words

when I’m afraid we won’t hear each other

over clattering branches, over

both our voices calling.’

By the way, the bedspread you can see at the bottom of the illustration has been in my family at least three generations and is still going strong. There is something eerie-and-comforting-at-once about being under the same cloth as the people who lived and slept and fucked and dreamed and chatted and argued before you.

(and to dispel the risk of sounding too strange, I’d just like to say that it does get regular washes, and is only harboring the past in an abstract way, not a century-and-a-bit-of-layered-grime way…)


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