kreativ blogger award

May 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Huge thanks to the lovely Tean Roberts at All Light and Beauty, who gave me this award and made me feel all smiley:-

The idea is that when you win the award you have to tag the person in a post & say something, award some people you think deserve to win the award, and post 10 things about yourself.

I have already said something about Tean’s work here, but just to reiterate: you need to see these photos.

The people/blogs I’d like to pass the award onto are…

Gina at Lulu and You   Sarah Edmonds   Jojo Norris    Caitlin Hinshelwood    Julia Humpfer    and    Dale Bowers

And here are 10 things about me:-

  1. “Are you an artist? Because that’s really good. What is that?” (a small boy said this to me when I was drawing on the beach. It made me grin.)
  2. I can play the flute (but my mum can play the cello, and I’m jealous)
  3. Jerusalem artichokes are my least favourite vegetable.
  4. I have written and/or drawn in a diary almost every day since I was fifteen. I’m now twenty-four. I’m not sure how healthy that is.
  5. My favourite drawing tools are nice black pens, dip pens and ink, Indian ink on a palette knife, my fingers, squirrel-hair brushes, very sharp soft pencils, my sewing machine, and a paintbrush somebody made for me with a little piece of furry rabbit skin and a stick.
  6. My first solid foods were garlic mushrooms and olives. I continue to love stuffing tasty things into my face.
  7. I wish I had done Egon Schiele’s drawings.
  8. My favourite picture books are by Shaun Tan, and Dave McKean.
  9. I suspect I drink even more tea than Tean.
  10. On Sunday I heard Benjamin Ferencz talking about justice on the radio. His eloquence and intelligence were a breath of fresh air, and I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t benefit from hearing his thoughts. You can listen to him here until next Sunday (his interview begins about 50 minutes in). I’d be proud to be half as sharp and bright by 91.



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