strings, keys, pencil, pen

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Sunday I listened to James Vincent McMorrow. I was tired and grumpy. The venue was marginally less sweaty than a sauna. The sound was bad. He had a cold. None of this mattered in the least. I came home and wrote a gushing diary entry about what happened to my ears which I’m not going to reproduce here, but the boy has a voice and he surely knows how to use it. Go and listen!

Tonight I am going to see SJ Downes & Olof Arnalds. I am very excited.

On Monday I ate pecan pie in Mello Mello, and listened to Joe Keelan and Dave Owen and Jamie Harrison and Liz Green, and it was marvellous, and I actually drew pictures and everything. Here some are……that’s Joe singing about a primrose-gathering faithless blacksmith. This is Liz playing the guitar…

…and here she is having said “we’ll all sing something nice together, and then I will play you something very very sad” (which perhaps explains why I doodled in non-existent raindrops on the window)…


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