something silly for a serious cause…

May 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is something a bit different from the usual ramble and pictures-of-things-I’ve-made post. Four years ago my mum’s cousin Suzy died of cancer. She was 43. She left behind her husband and two small children, and a wealth of brilliant memories. But memories, as Edna St. Vincent Millay explains in this poem, are not half so good as lively flesh and blood, and nobody should have to grow up parentless.

In view of this, my parents are raising money for Cancer Research UK. They are going to do it like this:-

Here are my mum’s words, in case the picture isn’t sufficient explaination:-

“Starting on June 6th and finishing a week later, we will do five, five-animal walks, one on each of five mornings, setting out before 6.00 a.m., returning in time to go to work as usual. We have selected a 5.5km route around Watermead Country Park North in Leicestershire

The five animals are two humans (Paul and Kate), two donkeys (Borage and Yorrick), and a dog (Meg). We have done this walk before with the donkeys, but not quite so early and not five times in one week. The donkeys were quite a challenge* when we first acquired them but they will now walk calmly, carry packs, are comfortable when tethered, and are learning about pulling loads.”

*note: the donkeys, especially Borage, were dog-chasing, leg-kicking, biscuit-scoffing bastards. But they have massive personalities, and are an awful lot of fun.

If you would like to make a donation (or just see more pictures of the donkeys), click here to go to the fundraising page.

Thank you all very much. Have a glorious weekend x


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