festival sketchbookery

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Despite not winning the t-shirt design competition free tickets, I did get to Green Man this year. It was a truly gorgeous weekend. Here are some bits of sketchbook:-

Here is a list of bands I hadn’t heard of before who made my ears very happy, in case you fancy musical distraction…

And of course there were bands I had heard of who filled my lugholes with joy as well – Bellowhead and Fleet Foxes stand out, but really nothing could quite top Iron and Wine (The stars were out. The mountains were great hulking shadows behind the stage. The moon was all moony and ripe. People were blowing enormous iridescent bubbles. Sam Beam is very possibly a god).

weird and wonderful and dark undercurrenty things…

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just stumbled across Agnes Horneij’s paintings. They are strange and sinister and feel like nasty fairy stories and folk songs in minor keys and overripe blackberries and other dark but delectable things. Her blog is here and a little taster is below.

I am keen on things that make me feel slightly unsettled just now. I read Wuthering Heights and watched American Beauty, both for the first time, recently. I loved both. I think they are not dissimilar in that they contain really quite ordinary, domestic, comfortable backdrops against which these characters who are disturbed and disturbing and quite possibly stark raving mad exist and act. And at no point in either story does anyone throw up their hands and say “fucking hell, you lot are Actually Mental; calm down!” – which leaves a body feeling wonderfully uneasy about normality.

illustration friday: imperfect

August 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today I took my imperfect eyes to the opticians. Now the world looks all crisp and shiny and new. Here is a speedy and imperfect sketch of my happy-with-new-lenses face and imperfectly-home-cut-with-inappropriate-scissors fringe. Doodling fast and carelessly in pencil was a welcome break from my developing lino-printing habit.

Through freshly focused eyes today, I also looked at gorgeous textile prints by Dia Batal. They somehow managed to be folksy and elegant at once, which is something I can only dream of!


inky fingered printing adventures

August 7, 2011 § 3 Comments

Yesterday, my flat became a small CD-packaging factory for Fallen Leaf’s EP Gathering. The whole thing is a carefully handmade confection; recorded over a series of nocturnal sessions in an empty church (beautiful acoustics, handsome stained glass and plenty of peace and quiet – there are photos and live videos here), then packed into hand-printed and stitched sleeves. You can buy the tunes here  or pick up a hard copy with tangible artwork at a gig (keep your eyes peeled round Cornwall and Scilly this week, or in Liverpool later on).

Here are some pictures from the print-and-stitch-a-thon…

And here is the mono-printed doodle I did before I washed up the inky plate, and my favourite colour for fingernails in the whole wide world (it reminds me of cheap 1970s plastic things, and makes me happy. And no, it probably isn’t relevant to anything else in this post)…

P.S. – you can see inspiring images for my new love of lino in yesterday’s post.

P.P.S. – have a peachy Sunday. 

inspiration for inky fingered picture-making

August 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

Recently I’ve been wrapped up in making EP artwork with Fallen Leaf. There will be a proper post with pictures and things once we’ve finished stamping and stitching and going slightly mad. Meanwhile, you can purchase tunes here, and see some of my inspirations-of-the-moment below:-

Top to bottom, they are Shaun Tan’s prints from Tales From Outer Suburbia, Lynd Ward’s astonishing woodcuts from God’s Man (why this man is not far more famous is a mystery), Stanley Donwood (this image is Fleet Street Apocolypse), and The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono and Michael McCurdy (a beautiful book that my dad used to read to us when we were small).

Stay tuned for my little lino prints.

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