papercuts and a doodle

November 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

My lovely friend Kingman Cheng recently came back from a trip to Hong Kong bearing gifts of excellent green tea, gorgeously lurid notebooks and really beautiful papercuts. I am in awe of the scalpel-work.

What else have I been up to?

  • Discovering how beautiful Oxford is. I particularly loved the Pitt Rivers Museum (try a virtual tour here) where I chose a few flutes I’d like to play, was impressed by the ingenuity of very old Inuit waterproofs (stitched from strips of seal intestine), and shuddered over a selection of surgical implements. I’d recommend at least a week to properly look at everything in there, but even an hour is fun – and you get given a torch to shine into nooks and crannies and drawers. Magic. Besides that, and the loveliness of the city itself, I loved Epstein’s statue of Lazarus in New College chapel. There is a small and rather unsatisfying picture of it here. It is an incredible piece of work – simultaneously delicate and brutal.
  • Remembering how much I like Modigliani’s paintings thanks to a trio of prints in a friend’s house. We chatted tipsily about how strange and sexy and unnerving they are, and I doodled a copy on the back of an envelope. Here it is.
  • Struggling to make decent drawings for the textile commission I’m working on, knitting too much as usual, and preparing for a scary interview next week.

who made this? who?

November 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

So, Pinterest. Hmm. That’s kind of a really good and desperately addictive thing, and I am on it as Amy Windridge and you can follow me there if you’re also on it and interested. It’s also a place where it’s really easy to find beautiful beautiful things that aren’t credited properly. This photograph is too lovely for words and I can’t find out who made it. This drives me hopping mad. Can anybody help?

I drew these before I saw it, but the photograph is much more what I meant than what I actually drew.

Ooooh, lovely!

November 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just really, really, really want this gorgeous water jug. And the matching beakers. And several of the tiffin bowls in several colours.

I don’t generally expect the Amnesty magazine to lead me into hand-painted temptation. I was all braced to read about the death penalty in Iran* and human rights abuses and other unthinkable things. I was not prepared to be seduced by kitchenware.

(* also, how in merry hell does the death penalty still exist in America?! Fucking atrocious.)

my creative space

November 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s all about the knitting habit today, and mostly involves this beautiful pea-green jumper I’ve just finished for a friend’s imminent tiny person…

…and this rusty autumn-coloured wool which I bought two summers ago in a second hand bookshop in Doolin, County Clare, and which is destined to be some sort of cushion cover (with cables. I am in the grip of a cable addiction as well just now. Oh dear!)…

…and sitting in here stealing my boyfriend’s snazzy new Macbook to waste time on ravelry’s pattern database.

The posters you can see on the top left are plans for a Scillonian gig boat, and this one I made for some Scillonian gigs of the musical variety. The print balancing on top of the record player is a pied wagtail by Thomas Bewick. I love it very much. The things hanging in the greenery are a mask my parents bought me in Venice, plus the fox and the strange sewn woman from this post here. The loveliest of the 3 (Yeah, 3. I know. Washing up time.) tea-stained mugs has an illustration by Rob Ryan on it. I love that very much as well. The disgusting brown velour sofa is partly covered up by this beautiful bedspread. Other gorgeous creative spaces can be explored here.

Happy Thursday! x

an invisible painting…

November 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

What?! Well, I’ve been painting it for a week. It was excitingly promising, then crushingly awful, and then when I gave up on it and swooshed acrylic around in a reckless and slightly hopeless manner and it became quite good again. I am pleased enough to have cut it off the drawing board.

But it is going to be a Christmas surprise and so I can’t show you it. Grr!

Instead, look at the sheer brilliance of Gemma Correll’s illustrations here. She delights me entirely – especially her happy meal for grown-ups (for the record, I’d like extra gin with mine).


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