papercuts and a doodle

November 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

My lovely friend Kingman Cheng recently came back from a trip to Hong Kong bearing gifts of excellent green tea, gorgeously lurid notebooks and really beautiful papercuts. I am in awe of the scalpel-work.

What else have I been up to?

  • Discovering how beautiful Oxford is. I particularly loved the Pitt Rivers Museum (try a virtual tour here) where I chose a few flutes I’d like to play, was impressed by the ingenuity of very old Inuit waterproofs (stitched from strips of seal intestine), and shuddered over a selection of surgical implements. I’d recommend at least a week to properly look at everything in there, but even an hour is fun – and you get given a torch to shine into nooks and crannies and drawers. Magic. Besides that, and the loveliness of the city itself, I loved Epstein’s statue of Lazarus in New College chapel. There is a small and rather unsatisfying picture of it here. It is an incredible piece of work – simultaneously delicate and brutal.
  • Remembering how much I like Modigliani’s paintings thanks to a trio of prints in a friend’s house. We chatted tipsily about how strange and sexy and unnerving they are, and I doodled a copy on the back of an envelope. Here it is.
  • Struggling to make decent drawings for the textile commission I’m working on, knitting too much as usual, and preparing for a scary interview next week.

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