inspiring things for the new year

January 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I need to make more pictures. My knitting habit took over almost entirely over Christmas, and whilst I love sitting around in a puddle of wool and pointy sticks, I need to get myself back into gear. With a view to this, I’ve been seeking inspiration. Here some is…

Above: embroidery by Lucky Jackson. She is doing one every single day for 365 days, and you can look at them here, on her blog. She has some slightly scary ideas about the desirability of being a ‘domestic goddess’, but I am in awe of her commitment to making things. And I love these chintzy toes under patchwork.

Below: Aubrey Beardsley, whose line-work makes me jealous. I got a copy of his Venus and Tannhauser for Christmas, and was startled at the hardcore pornography in his writing, which is weird, considering the content of some of his pictures…

And I love love love the marvellous Shaun Tan. Get your fix at his website, or just buy this beautiful book (another excellent Christmas gift that I keep going back to)…Anyway, enjoy that little lot, and I promise there will be some pictures of mine to look at soon.

In other news, the interview I was preparing my portfolio for here has come good, so as of September, I will be training as an art teacher. Which is slightly scary and very, very exciting.

Happy new years, all. Enjoy the frosts and sudden doses of sunshine.


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