the room was suddenly rich…

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday we woke up on a friend’s floor in a room at the top of a big warm house down a narrow lane in the middle of nowhere. The sky was white and the land was covered in snow – bare trees and crows startling black against it – everything monochrome and quiet and beautiful.

We took our hangovers outside and built snow-folk in the yard, laughed a lot, got very cold, and then came inside and ate a huge fry-up with big mugs of tea. Blooming marvellous. (There is a childish joy in building a snowman So Big You Need A Ladder To Do The Face!)

Pictures courtesy of Gina Brookes. Snow building/sculpting/chucking/whacking with a billhook by me, beardy Joe of Fallen Leaf, gorgeous Gina, Jason Jones and Kingman Cheng

Oh yes, and read this poem. It is glorious.


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