Spanish sketchbook

April 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have spent the last 2 weeks eating and drawing and swimming and lying in the sun in Southern Spain. It was glorious. Here are doodles…

Things I would especially recommend…

  • Visiting the Alhambra, as much as possible and at all times of day, but especially the Nasrid Palaces at night – I felt as though I had stumbled into a fairy story.
  • Eating churros and chocolate until you can’t stand up.
  • Walking around the Real Monasterio de San Jeronimo in Granada, where nuns have painted the inside of the chapel. All over. In a sort of glorious and slightly terrifying choas – corpulent cherubs and impressionistic pastoral scenes and multicoloured Moorish-inspired patterns and trompe l’oiel monochrome work and simulated marble textures in the style of bad 1980s DIY magazines and actual beautiful ancient marble and carved wood and hideous Catholic statues and beautiful sinuous elegant arches and stained glass windows and a towering eyeful of gold leaf, all crammed in together. Prepare for visual hangover.
  • Being stunned by the caves at Nerja, which are huge and surreal and magic.
  • Eating cane honey in Frigiliana.
  • the Picasso museum in Malaga – joyous.


April 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I seem to have a bit of a visual obsession with hair (see here, and here, and here, and here!). Here’s some more of it…

(you can also see a woman with wings who may or may not be a harpy, and that on the brown paper is an ink-and-watercolour sketch I did of a ceramic figure by the brilliant Linda Kieft. Go and look at her work. It is stunning.)

Here is even more more of it in other people’s work…

Above: Seesaw by Eveline Tarunadjaja. Below: hair, dogs and knitting, all at once, marvellous – from Julie Morstad. Below that: gorgeousness from Catherine Campbell.

While we’re on the subject, this poem by Cathy Song is beautiful too. This bit:-

My hair, freshly washed   
like a measure of wealth,   
like a bridal veil.
(my hair was waist length from the age of about 6 until I had it all hacked off 2 years ago. I loved the feeling of light-headedness, and how quickly it dried after impromptu river-swims on long walks, and it does look lovely short. But I’m growing it all out again, unbearably slowly. I miss the slippery rush of unpinning it at the end of the day, and the feeling of wealth that the poem talks about. Which is an odd feeling to get from a weight of dead tissue, isn’t it?)

knitting and things…

April 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m not doing terribly well with posts of late – I’m almost entirely wrapped up in a secret project that can’t be blogged.

There is some knitting and some sewing though; both bits of clothing for myself. Here is the most recent evidence of The Knitting Habit (the pattern is free, here. The yarn is Rowan creative focus worsted)…

…and here is a frock I’ve made myself for summer:-

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