doodles after a dry spell

June 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Well well, it’s been an awful long time! I have mainly been

  • doing my full time job
  • getting ready to start my teacher training in September – coming to terms with moving my life back home to my parents’ big warm house after years of living away from it, reading a lot, and filling in forms. A lot of filling in forms.
  • knitting mindlessly (you can see some of my adventures with needles and yarn here)
  • becoming addicted to the dubiously idealised world of Pinterest
  • working on a private non-blogable project
  • running away at weekends for hill-walking, late-night gossip with friends, cocktails and Turkish food in That London, and learning about bats with my nearly-two-year-old nephew (who now wants to sleep hanging from his toes by the headboard)

I’m not so much in a rut as too busy and all-over-the-place to focus on drawing, and whilst I do think that creativity requires periods of just living and being and looking and thinking and soaking life up like a hungry sponge, the lack of picture-making in my life lately has started to induce mild panic. Marvelous marvelous Neil Gaiman said this, and made me feel more alive:-

And I have started drawing faces, just enjoying the experience of moving a line around again. Here some are:-



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