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As if I had known you for years drink to me only if
Those frontiers have never changed on the mad map of the years
And all our tears were earned and this were the first cliff
From which we embraced the sea and these were the first words
We spread to lure the birds that nested in our day
As if it were always morning their dawnsong theirs and ours
And waking no one else me and you only now
Under the brow of a blue and imperturbable hill
Where still time stands and plays his bland and hemlock pipe
And the ripe moment tugs and declines to fall and all
The years we had not met forget themselves in this
One kiss ingathered world and outward rippling bell
To the rim of the cup of the sky and leave it only there
Near into far blue into blue all over again
Notwithstanding unique all over all again
Of which to speak requires new fires of the tongue some trick
Of the light in the dark of the muted voice of the turning wild
World yet calm in her storm gay in her ancient rocks
To preserve today one kiss in this skybound timeless cup
Nor shall I ask for anything more of future or past
This being last and first sound sight on the eyes and ears
And each long then and there suspended on this cliff
Shining and slicing edge that reflects the sun as if
This one Between were All and we in love for years.

I am in the process of packing my life into boxes to move it home. Part of this process is sorting out books and rooting through old sketchbooks and diaries, and suddenly I remember that poetry exists, and I’m extremely glad. I copied this into my journal ages ago, newly in love and setting out for the lakes and hills with a tent and the object of my affection. It is nothing to do with illustration or textiles or making, but it is a thing of utter beauty. The world needs more things of utter beauty. 



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