Through the Fields

December 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

The people I love make beautiful things. One of which is this:-

You can find out more here and here.

Happy Christmas x


my creative space: paper boats and repetitive photoshop

June 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

This week’s creative space has been full of the animated music video I’m making in collaboration with lovely Joe Keelan (who spent last night alone in an empty church in the dark recording the music, and Wednesday afternoon on his hands and knees under the tripod, moving my paper cutouts with tweezers while I manned the camera).

You can read and see a bit more about it in this post here. Here are some pictures from today (where I sat glued to the computer adding rainfall to photographs one frame at a time. Phew!):-

To keep me sane I am chain-drinking Pukka tea, eating chocolate digestives, and listening to High Viloet by the National. All of these things are quite gorgeous.

Also, earlier in the week I finished off this knitting. Here it is:-

Finally, you can poke about in other creative spaces here. If there aren’t some utterly inspiring ones, I’ll eat my hat.

green men and diving boys

June 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Time for more inspiring animation, this time from Kate Sellers (visuals) and The Random Family (sounds). Feast your eyes and ears:-

When you have finished feasting, you could perhaps go here and vote for them to play the lovely Green Man festival.


illustration friday: soaked

May 22, 2011 § 8 Comments

Water generally is a big theme for me at the moment, so here are some watery things. Up there are a series of origami boats I’ve been making in preparation for the Random Family‘s album launch next weekend. They’re pretty straightforward once you get your head around the last stage, and look lovely. If you feel the need for a fleet of your own, the instructions I used are here.

As well as obsessive paper-folding, I’m also engaged in the early stages of a stop-motion animation project. Here is a picture of one of the sets as it stands at the moment:-

Here is (some of) the creative carnage in my flat today:-

And here is a very basic attempt to make it rain using watercolour and Photoshop:-

Hope you’re all having wonderful Sundays; I’m off to the beach to blow away the cobwebs x

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