January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday’s good interview news means that, come September, life is going to change Really Rather A Lot. One result of this is that I’m suddenly very aware that living here in our tiny flat is a transient thing. This has made me think a lot about the idea of home; how in spite of too-much-traffic-noise and never-enough-space-for-anything, suspicious ceiling cracks and broken wardrobe doors, noisy neighbours and dreadful armchairs and the temperamental shower (and the properly upsetting things about living in a city, like people being shot dead round the corner from where we cook and play music and paint and sew and write songs and laugh and read and take care of each other…it’s a mad old world), I love this little nest and the life I’ve made around it.

So that I don’t have to loose it entirely when I leave it behind, I’ve started a sketchbook. It’s a place to catch everyday things as well as days out and bits of beauty. I might put bits of it up here from time to time. Here is a start…

(Anthony Gormley’s Another Place at sunset, and some beardy men playing Neil Young songs in the Kazimier)



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