30 day challenge – day 4 – something green

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Amy, day 4: something green

Amy, day 4: something green

Grace, day 4: something green

Grace, day 4: something green






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Also, today I’ve been making intaglio prints in a lo-tech but very satisfying way. Want a go? Use the shiny side of cereal-box type cardboard, and scratch the design in using the point of a compass/a biggish sewing needle/the point of an awl. Apply printing ink with a scraper (a bit of card will do) so that it goes into the scratches, then rub off the ink from the rest of the plate using a rag. Put through a printing press with damp paper. Gorgeous!

purple heart print


30 day challenge – 3 – clouds

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Amy, day 3, clouds (intaglio print made by scratching into a train ticket)

Amy, day 3, clouds (intaglio print made by scratching into a train ticket)


Grace - day 3 - clouds

Grace – day 3 – clouds



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Today I taught a drawing session where we did continuous line drawings and then mono-prints. Everything was pretty fast and loose, but I rather like this one anyway. I’d like another 3 hours playing about with printing ink; there’s something so satisfying about its texture.

inky fingered printing adventures

August 7, 2011 § 3 Comments

Yesterday, my flat became a small CD-packaging factory for Fallen Leaf’s EP Gathering. The whole thing is a carefully handmade confection; recorded over a series of nocturnal sessions in an empty church (beautiful acoustics, handsome stained glass and plenty of peace and quiet – there are photos and live videos here), then packed into hand-printed and stitched sleeves. You can buy the tunes here  or pick up a hard copy with tangible artwork at a gig (keep your eyes peeled round Cornwall and Scilly this week, or in Liverpool later on).

Here are some pictures from the print-and-stitch-a-thon…

And here is the mono-printed doodle I did before I washed up the inky plate, and my favourite colour for fingernails in the whole wide world (it reminds me of cheap 1970s plastic things, and makes me happy. And no, it probably isn’t relevant to anything else in this post)…

P.S. – you can see inspiring images for my new love of lino in yesterday’s post.

P.P.S. – have a peachy Sunday. 

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